Vanity License Plates in Hawaii

Hawaii offers its residents vanity plates aside from standard ones. Vanity license plate Hawaii is with a personalized design and combinations. In order to get one, you must follow the below-mentioned steps;
  • First, you visit your local DMV.
  • Secondly, you complete the application form.
  • Of course, you should submit the proof of identity and vehicle title and registration.
  • Finally, you should make a payment. The first application cost is 25 dollars.

Whenever you have proceeded with all these steps, you’ll wait for your order. In case it is ready, you will get a notification saying it is ready. As you go to the office to get your number tag, you need to take the inspection certificate with you. Also, there is a charge of 50 cents.
While ordering you can present your vanity license plate ideas and examples. Your number tag must contain up to six-letter or digit combinations, or both of them. As for the punctuation signs you only have the opportunity to use a hyphen. If there is a gap, the department will consider it as a character.
To check the availability of your chosen combination, run into the Special Personalized web page and search for it. Please, keep in mind that the letter-digit combinations that have offensive vocabulary or abbreviations included are totally banned.

Renewal and Replacement

You should renew your number tag before the due date written on the sticker. Generally, you will get a notification or mail with an expiration date. It is sent no less than 45 days before you have to renew.
The renewal process varies from county to county. Nearly all of them offer renewal online, by mail, or in person. But some of the requirements are common for all of them;
  • On the application day, submit your previous decals, and labels, etc.
  • Make the payments. (The fee varies depending on vehicle type and weight.)
  • Submit your driver’s ID.

In case you have lost or someone has stolen the due date sticker, you apply for local DMV and replace it. The process for each county is listed below.


Honolulu residents in case they require a sticker replacement should fill in a police report. The damaged ones aren’t required. To order a new one provide:
  • the request form
  • a certificate that you have registered your car
  • remaining number tag
  • payment cheques

Honolulu doesn’t have an online platform. You may either visit the nearest Satellite City Hall office or mail the documents at this address.
Motor Vehicle, Licensing, and Permits Division P.O. BOX 30330 Honolulu, HI 96820


To replace your decal fill in the blank form, provide the registration, and attach the payment cheques. Have the decals you have yet. Don’t forget about safety inspection. All of this you need to do personally.


Submit DMVL574 and your valid registration certificate. If your permit is due in 45 days or less, you'll also have to pay renewal fees. The cost of replacing is $6.25. Deliver your materials to a Maui motor vehicle office in person.

Kaua'i County Replacements

You must notify the police if your plate is lost or stolen in Kauai. You'll need to fill in MVR 1 for replacements. In addition, you'll need your current registration, inspection certificate, and any remaining decals.