Non-Passenger License Plates in Hawaii

Non-passenger plates are for vehicles that do not carry passengers (commercial) or are used for mainly governmental purposes such as for ambassadors, foreign representatives. In Hawaii, there are two types of non-passenger number tags and both of them undergo special applying procedures.

Honorary consul license plate in Hawaii

Honorary consul plate is a specific number tag that indicates the owner of transport is an official representative of a foreign government or is an honorary consul. The application process is way easier. The applicant should just visit the Hawaii DMV of any county. The general requirements by the state are the following;
  • The applicant must be a citizen of the U.S.
  • The application must include the ID of the honorary consul.

In fact, the design also differs from the standard ones as they have a distinguishing color and special numeral series.
In case the representative is no longer on duty he/she should remove them from the vehicle and transfer them along with the title certificate. In this case, it’s obligatory to notify the local DMV about enhancements.

Horseless carriage license plate in Hawaii

Vehicles that carry Horseless Carriage or Historical license plates cannot be driven on roads or highways of Hawaii. They are mainly used for exhibitions, historical displays. State shows the special automobiles, bikes, and even boats during parades or historical events. The Horseless carriage tag owners should pay annual fees.
To get the number tag, the car owner should;
  • show documents that the car is at least 40 years old
  • submit that the automobile must be in a special collection and be in acceptable mechanical condition
  • make all the required payments (RCW 46.17.220(11))
A motor carriage's license plates are valid all time long until you can operate a car and do not need to be renewed. The owner cannot transfer it to another vehicle. Whenever ready, it must be attached to the back of the car.