Types of Specialty License Plates in Hawaii

There are several types of Specialty License Plates in Hawaii for its residents. The application process is nearly the same as for standard ones. The state doesn’t have an online platform for registering. The applicants should visit the local DMV or the registration office and fill in the blank form. Don’t forget to have the required documents (registration, working ID, if applicable, etc.) with you on the appointment day.

Disabled veterans license plates in Hawaii

Since October 2014 Hi Transportation department has applied the law of giving veterans exclusive designation when they buy a vehicle. As a matter of fact, the law is applicable for all the individuals who have served in the United States and got a discharge offer (but it doesn't work in case the applicant has been dishonorable).
The application for disabled veterans’ license plates requires proof of qualification and ID. The qualification documents acceptable are the following:
  • 214 DD
  • The certificate of being discharged (must include the reason)
  • 22 NGB
  • ID card of military work (should be with the retirement date)
  • VHIC

In addition, the applicant should also attach a letter of verification that is given by either the VA or the OFV.
For getting the documents you should contact the Archive of Military service records.
The renewal process will include the request with the driver’s ID and proof of identity.
Nowadays, HI also issues a variety of number tags for military personnel, including ones for former POWs and Purple Heart recipients. The availability, fees, and application processes may differ from county to county.
If he/she owns a car and has been presented as disabled by the medical committee, they are eligible to get one of the benefits i.e he doesn’t need to pay any fees. There are no payments for registration and taxes.

Electric Vehicle License Plates in Hawaii

For now, only two U.S, California, and Arizona have EV license plates. In Hawaii, the law isn’t legally accepted yet, but the government works on organizing it.
The state DOT or registration service has the same requirements for electrical vehicles.
It is really important to have a special law for electrical vehicles number tags as about 1.3 electrical cars are in the U.S for now.

Gold Star Family License Plates in Hawaii

State issues Gold Star Family license plates for honoring military personnel killed in action and their families.
The relatives of killed soldiers may apply for the Gold Star Family number tags if their relative had participated and been killed during the war.
The legalization has started since World War I. Nowadays, the applying process requires the following documents։
  • proof that your relative (child, grandchild, father, etc.) had been a member of the war
  • the death certificate
  • your proof of identity

Special License Plates in Hawaii

To get your special design you will need to pay $25 and check the status of the combination before filling in the request. You cannot apply for HI special license plates online or by mail.

What about combinations, you can use only six letters and digits. In fact, it may also include a hyphen.

Below you may find the step by step guide on how to apply։
  • register your car
  • check the availability of the combination
  • make sure your combination isn’t offensive to the public
  • pay for the emblem (50 cents)
  • pay 25$ for the request

Remember: The applications for Hi Specialty number tags are only available in person. However, the renewal and replacement are online or by mail. For more detailed information you can visit or write to your local DMV.participated and been killed during the war.
Below you can find the contacts for each county:

Honolulu DMV: tel; 808 768 43 25. Hawaii MVR: tel 808 961 83 51. Maui MVLD: tel; 808 270 73 63. Kauai DMV: tel; 808 241 42 56.