Specialty License Plates in Hawaii

Several states in the U.S require both number tags for the transport; front and back. Hawaii, Alaska, California, and many others are among them. However, the application process differs even from county to county.
To obtain a Hawaii plate, you must personally visit the local DMV and fill in the application form. Then you apply for replacement and renewal online and by mail. The replacement is available whenever it is damaged or lost. Different amounts of charges are applicable in this case.
Aside from standard number tags, the state offers Hawaii specialty license plates that are primarily aimed to promote a specific cause or nonprofit and are more expensive than basics.

Requirements and Guidelines

You can get several types of Specialty License Plates in Hawaii; such as military, personalized, organization, etc.
Generally, personalized car tags are mainly for motor vehicle companies. They also contain no more than 6 characters and a hyphen.
HI has a special program for transport that are older than 35 years. They receive special documents and number plates. All you should do is register your car and pay $10.

What other steps do you have to take?

  • The applicant should have his car registered and provide the certificate.
  • Then, the second step is the emblem fee. It is generally 50 cents.
  • And, of course, you need to have the safety inspection confirmed.
You also have to get acquainted with the laws and requirements before you start the application.
The main requirement is that the characters must be limited to six letters and digits. If you put a space between them, it is counted as a character. You as well cannot put any punctuation sign unless it's a hyphen. You cannot use the combination of digits, letters, or their union if they contain deceptive or gross content.
Remember that you cannot use offensive combinations.


If you have lost or damaged your tag, you must replace it. Otherwise, you may be disqualified.
The disqualification is also applied if the driver has passed the DUI alcohol limit or has been caught driving under the influence.
Every state has its seizures and driving laws for DUI. One of the best ways of defensive driving is to avoid DUI and not go fast. Disqualification is always a bad idea.

Fees and payments

The cost is $25 to obtain a specialty number plate. Then, $25 adds up to your annual fee whenever you apply to renew your permit. The validation date depends on your choice. Whenever you want to change the design, the permit expires.
For a personalized one, the cost is $25. When you register your car for the first time, you may also need to proceed with registration fees. To renew, you should pay $25 in addition to the standard charges.
There are special tablets and decals available to support various HI organizations such as the HI Humane Society and Support Our Troops. In each of the counties, different decals may be available. For information on how to obtain a special one or decal, contact your local DMV office.
The organizational number tags require extra payments. At first, you need to transfer $30.50. Check out the due date and if you have no more than 45 days left, you have to proceed with the renewal charges as well.
But also it is worth noting that extra payments may appear when you want to renew your tag.

Replacement and Renewal

The HI government has made the replacement process easier and all you are to do is complete the application form and confirm the registration of your transport.

In case the due date is closer (no more than 45 days), you have to undertake this process first, then proceed with your new request. In case you have lost or damaged a tag, you will have to take the remaining one with you and apply to get a new one.

What about the cost of the replacement, in Hawaii, it is $20.

It will take up to 90 days and no less than 60 days to receive it. And as you cannot operate your vehicle without a registration, you must obtain a standard number tag. The emblem and the standard tag will cost $5.50.

The renewal date is generally on your vanity plate. You will receive a notification before the due date. The renewal process is available online, by mail, and in person.

What about transferring...

Whenever you are going to purchase a new transport or you sell yours, you may transfer the existing permit and labels to new transport. All you need to do is to have the updated documents, permits, and cheques.

The design is generally the same; a rainbow, white backdrop, and black characters. The military and personalized tags have specified designs.

Note: New vehicles must have a temporary registration until you get permanent.